Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another day.

I apparently missed typed yesterday's title it should have read I shouldn't blog on meds. From the number of hits that I received today maybe I should blog while on meds. I had the most hits in one day that I've ever had.

The only thing I can figure is that an English teacher had their students read my blog and correct the errors that are on it. Really it is the only thing that makes any sense in my head.

The weather forecast today was cold and rainy all day. I didn't want to drag the kids out in that. So I cranked the heat up and we hung out inside all day.

Once Josh came home he wanted to head to an art store because he needs carving tools for a pumpkin craving contest that he is entering. The first place was closed before we got there. We ended up going to Micheal's. They had a ton of kid crafts marked $1.00. We picked up a couple of different ones. When we hit the check out it turns out that one rang up .49 and another was .79. That was a pleasant surprise. 

Once we got home the boys couldn't wait to start working on their art projects. Their projects are a little old for them but they didn't care.