Fair day!!

I'm an awful, awful mom. I had Ethan skip school today so we could go to the fair. We thought about going last Wednesday because that is when the school district that I attended had their fair day and my parents prefer going when they think they might run into people they know. Ethan's school was closed on Monday and we could have gone then but several schools and business were closed for Columbus day. Plus it was going to be more expensive because on Wednesday you can donated three cans to the North Texas Food Bank and only have to pay two dollars to get in. Oh wait I forgot that I have readers in other countries and states that might not know what in the world I'm talking about. Right now the State Fair of Texas is running in Dallas, TX. Apparently it is the 125 year of the fair and its food contest has brought the world such things as a corny dog, fried Twinkies, and this year's most creative winner was fried bubble gum. Yep Texas is proud. Anyway if you want more information about the fair itself just click the link. I don't know if this is true anymore but they used to claim that it is the largest state fair in the country.

This morning there was a terrible rain storm that caused all sort of rucks on the roads in and around Dallas. It took me FOREVER to get to my parent's home. The morning was also chiller than I was expecting because the weather reports all said that it was going to be a beautiful day. My mom was mortified that I didn't have jackets for the boys. She had one that fit Preston but poor Ethan didn't have anything. We made a quick trip to the store and picked on up for Ethan. The reason that I didn't have one for the boys was because I figured that we might use it for five minutes then it would be to warm and I didn't want to have to keep up with the extra clothing.

It was amazing when we went into the store the skies were gray and it was raining. Less than ten minutes later when we left the store the skies were clear and the day was beautiful. Like I figured about five minutes after we got to the fair the jackets came off. *sigh* Thank goodness I took the double stroller and a large single stroller to carry all of our junk. The first thing that we did was find Korri then we hit the kiddie midway.

Then it was off for some shopping! The boys were great as long as we kept moving, or stopping for fudge. Things were going fairly smoothly till my mom saw toe rings. Oh Shinny!! Anyways it took over 30 minutes for her to buy the toe rings. The boys started going a little stir crazy. Korri and I tried to keep them entertained as much as possible but they were getting cranky because it was their normal nap time. Finally we were off to other adventures. We stopped and watched a dog show, fed some animals, then "worked" on the kids farm.

Is it nap time yet?

I can't believe that Ethan was able to get a sales guy to talk to him. Ethan loved this tub.

Preston loves some Halloween.

Dogs and popcorn what could be better?

It was a great day. I had such a great day with my boys, my mom, and Korri. There were a couple of melt downs that I could have done without but it was completely worth it.