Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good News!!

This morning I over slept. Actually we all over slept. Oops.

I walked Josh to the door there was a car sitting out in front of our house. I recognized it being one of the ECI people. I rushed backed in to see if I had forgotten another appointment. There was nothing on the calender. That is when I realized that Preston should have seen his dietitian last Wednesday that didn't happen. That would also explain when I glanced at the calender that I was looking at the wrong week.

Apparently the dietitian had a family emergency last week and called to rescheduled but I never got the message. Good thing I didn't have anything scheduled this morning.

Preston got weighted and measured.
Height: 33 3/8ths inches which puts him in the 3 to 5%.
Weight: 24.5 lbs. which also puts him in the 3 to 5%

That means that Preston is back on the growth chart!!

We are going to have a follow up meeting next month, just to make sure he is still on track. If all goes well he is going to released from seeing the dietitian.

On another note: We withdrew Ethan from his preschool yesterday. He was having discipline issues. For right now I'm going to be doing preschool at home with him and Preston.

The boys are playing Little Einsteins.

Preston loves his puzzles.

Playing with magnets.