Happy Columbus Day!

What does that mean? For me that means Frisco ISD is closed for the day, which means Ethan's preschool is closed because it follows the school districts school calender. I knew it was going to be closed but for some reason I thought it was next Monday so I don't have anything special planned for the boys. I don't know if it was the weather or what but the boys were pretty tired and just laid around all morning. We even just stayed in our pjs. Ethan put his Spider-man costume over his pjs. He really loves the outfit.

Ethan wore his Spider-man costume to circus class.  The teacher was a little surprised but he went with it. Oh Ethan now will only answer to Spider-man Ethan. Whatever. As long as he is listening and behaving I'm a happy mom. I was really impressed with how well Ethan did in class while Preston was busy in the restroom. I was amazed that he climbed onto the teachers shoulders as the teacher stood up and walked around. I think Ethan loved being that tall. Preston took such a long time on the toilet that I got to my class about half way through the class. Someone else was in my spot so I just figured I would save my money this week and go next week. I've missed my class three weeks in a row. yikes. I need to find some sort of class at the gym to take this week.