I apparently can't read a calender.

Yesterday I saw an ad for Macy's One Day sale  (that actually last two days). Today was a preview sale for tomorrow's sale. What caught my eye was there was an 8-piece serving with a hostess set on sale for $29.99. While I there looking around I got a call from Preston's speech therapist asking where we were at.

Well, crap. I rushed home and didn't get to check out what else was on sale.

Preston's session was short since we arrived late to our own home. I felt awful that Preston didn't get his full session. Then again Preston's speech is progressing nicely.

We messed around the house for a little bit then headed out to get items for the scavenger hunt.

Turns out that I'm out of the running for the scavenger hunt. I found out that someone turned in all but one item today. *sigh* I was short five items so there was no way that I could win. I gave up and headed home.

One of the items that I needed for the hunt

Keeping busy

Halloween art project

pumpkin magnets

does it stick here?


They work here too


Working on more pumpkins