I really should take notes during the day.

I know there were several things that happened today that I mentally said that I need to remember that and blog about it later. Now that I'm getting to write I am drawing a complete blank.

Overall it was a great day. Preston spent most the day playing with puzzles. Ethan did worksheets. Then it was time for swimming.

Ethan and Preston were excited to get to the pool. About half way through the class Ethan said that he needed to use the restroom and never returned to class. Josh had gone with Ethan to the restroom so I wasn't worried that he never returned. While we were changing the boys out of their swimsuits Josh told me that Ethan didn't want to go back to class. I don't if it was because there were more kids than normal in his class or that there was a new teacher being trained in his class.  From what Ethan said he was getting frustrated because of the new teacher.