Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I should blog on meds.

I don't know what is in the air today but my allergies are kicking my butt. I've taken medicine but now I'm all mediciney head, and not sure which is worst.

If this post blows you have been warned.

I actually can't decide what to blog about today. Should it be saving money or what the boys and I did today? Okay I have a great tie in so I'll do both.

Apparently Wal-Mart is trying to dominate the Christmas shopping season with a new price match guarantee. I do have say when I first read a newspaper article about the guarantee I was thinking about doing most of my shopping at Wal-Mart. Then I started noticing the gotchas.

First the item has to be purchased between Nov 1 and Dec 25th.  Which sucks because most of the best prices on toys and such are going on between now and Black Friday.

The second gotcha, straight from Wal-Mart's website:
"To apply for the Christmas Price Guarantee, customers need to simply bring in their original Walmart cash register receipt and the local competitor’s current printed ad to Walmart’s Customer Service desk through Dec. 25. Once validated, a gift card for the difference will be issued. Items placed on layaway will also be eligible for the Christmas Price Guarantee"
Translation if it isn't in printed in an ad then you don't get the lower price and you have to stand in a mile long line at the customer service desk. Which is already going to be a mad house because they are bringing back layaway for Christmas too.

The third gotcha, the fine print:
"Offer excludes: Black Friday ads, expired ads, offers with Gift Cards, internet pricing, limited time or quantity offers (i.e. 6 hour sales), percentage off ads, bundles, trade-in offers, offers that require a purchase or gift provided with purchase, clearance or ads with typographical errors. The Christmas Price Guarantee does not apply to grocery items, non-branded items (i.e. live plants), tobacco, firearms, gasoline, tires, prescription drugs, optical, or wireless products that require a service agreement."

Another thing that bothers me is that you are getting the difference back in a Wal-mart gift card. Personally I want the money back in my pocket.

In the past what I've done is if something does go on sale lower than what I paid for it, especially if it is at the same store. I'll return the item then re-buy it at the lower price my card is credited the difference and I'm done. If the sale is at a different store I'll buy the new item and just return the other. While I'm out doing my shopping.

I personally like to get things straight from the horse's mouth person if you would like to read Wal-Mart's actual policy you can check it out here.

Now for my nice little tie in...

Korri came over today to help take the boys to the Discovery science center. I promised the boys that I would take them since they were so good yesterday. Korri is going to school to get her Masters Degree. While she is school, she is working yep you guessed it Wal-Mart. I asked her if she had heard about the new policy and she has been off so she didn't know yet.

Okay it was a little stretch but hey it sounds good in my medicine head.

I can't believe that I forgot my camera at home. Oops.                    

We got there just after story time. There was a private school at the science center today. I was impressed how well behaved the kids were and how organized the school was. Needless to say it was busy. The school left about an hour after we had gotten there.

After we got home and ate. Korri and I were visiting for a few minutes so the boys could play before nap time. I don't know how the boys managed to make this big of a mess without me having a clue.

This is bad, but wait there is more.

Seriously how did they move the big stuff with out me hearing them dragging it??