Josh's Rage!

There are certain things that bring out irrational rage in Josh. For example philosophers, Shakespeare, and now billboards!

The other day Josh sees this billboard. I didn't even notice it. Until today when I was driving to cirque class. I was like oh that was Josh was talking about the other day.

Seriously he went on for an hour about how this billboard was just so wrong. Especially since the city of Dallas is smoke free in its restaurants. If the smoke really bothered the waitress she could find another place to work or even change what she does.

Ah, spoken like someone who has never waited tables. I know when I did wait tables during the five years that I worked at Steak and Ale. I saw the smoking section dwindle from 17 tables to four tables that could accommodate groups of four and three tables that would seat two people. I also worked at a restaurant that because of city ordinances was smoke free.  I was actually working both places one on the weekends and the other during the week. It turned out that I could make more money at Steak and Ale than I could at the other restaurant. I quit the other restaurant after a month and would drive over thirty minutes to work.