Looking for my cup of awesome sauce...

Josh mentioned that the Leukemia & Lymphoma society is having a "scavenge for a cure" extravaganza. I'm a fool for scavenger hunts. Josh is expecting me to come in first place and win the grand prize. At this point I don't even know what the grand prize is but I'm having fun with it. There are 225 items to find. I spend the morning finding things on the list.

While the boys were napping. Since I'm still freaking out about Josh's lack of fund raising. I figured he could take baked goods and try to get donations at work for them. I spent the afternoon baking. All I manged to do was get the boys on a sugar high.

Josh came home and helped me out by working on the chocolates. They ended up taking for ever but I don't think we got the chocolates melted down enough.

Mini pumpkin loaves

spooky sugar cookies

Cookie fail

doing the detail work for the chocolates

Mini pumpkin loaves ready to go - minus the three that we ate oops..