More of the same, I think

I am very tired and probably shouldn't be blogging right now but hey I am.

This morning I tired to get a few more things off the 225 items for the scavenger hunt I'm doing. Josh picked up a couple while he was at lunch. I even had my mom in on the action at the bank (She was going there anyways). Let me not forget my friends on facebook that are helping me out too.

I was hoping to get in a quick nap while the boys were napping. It didn't happen because Preston fell asleep for about 15 minutes in the car and that was good enough for him. *sigh*

After dinner I recommended that we go to the store to get a couple of things that we needed tonight to finish the baking that Josh and I are doing for his fund raising and the hunt. I know I'm cheating and I was actually feeling a little guilty, but it isn't in the rules that you can't buy things and really I just don't feel right turning in used toe socks and underwear. Okay I don't want to touch someones else's undergarments and feet just freak me out.

Then I found out another couple is doing the same scavenger hunt and they are seriously cut throat. Worst part about it is they know our weakness and know how we are trying to obtain the items we are missing. Ugh! That is okay I've had a two day head start on them. Then again we have some obligations tomorrow and they will be out getting their items. I'm trying to get them to come with us so they will be held up too. I know I'm evil. (insert evil laughter here).

If everyone comes through for me there are only seven things that might be hard for me to get out of 225 items. I like to go for 100% so we will see how close I come and how quickly it happens. I see garage sales in my future. (another evil laugh but his one slightly more settle and rubbing my chin)

Tomorrow after I've had some sleep I'll be like why do people read my blog? The grammar is just awful and the spelling is a disaster. I actually have two people that are suppose to proof read my stuff but they never do because it is just so awful. Maybe if I didn't blog when I'm so dog tired it would be better. Then again probably not. English just wasn't my thing. Actually I'm great a reading comprehension it was just the writing that always messed me up. When I was in school I would actually brake out in hives when I had a paper due. It was just sad.

Really I'm excited the other couple is doing this hunt because I feel like I have real competition. I was worried that since I had such a late start that there wasn't anyway I could win, but I had to email the person running it because I needed some clarification on one of the items. She was impressed that I was doing so well.

Now why people come to the blog pictures of my boys. I swear my kids do more than just eat, but the only time I have a chance to grab my camera is when at least one is stuffing their face.

I love food!!

I love wearing my food too.

I don't really like this but you have a camera so I'm going to act like I do.

We can play together.

I got nothing.
I did realize something yesterday and tested it today. Preston isn't a picky eater. Ethan is! If I give Preston his food first then he will go to town. If I give Ethan the food first and he started to act like he is dying because I gave him something new, Preston won't touch it. I'll let you know if my theory hold true or not .