Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shameless fundrasing for Josh and pictures of Preston

This morning I tried to hunt down a Wilton Mini Pumpkin pan. It is sold out online and it looks to be a all sorts of awesome. I guess I should start back at the beginning about why I'm trying to find the cake pan. Josh is trying to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I figured that if he took some baked goods to work or to his training sessions that they would start bringing in donations. Talking about donations if anyone wants to donate you can check out Josh's fundraiser page. His goal is $1,500. and so far he as raised $50.

That reminds me that if anyone is interested in getting a super hero cape please make a donation of at least $10 and put in the message section super hero cape. Please state if you want a heart, lightning bolt, superman diamond shape, triangle, or a star.

Enough of begging for money.

Because Preston was such a trooper I told him we could go to a pet store and look at animals.

Hey look a bird got out.

Tweet Tweet.

I think if I stand still enough looking at the crabs the dog behind me won't eat me.

My plan worked the dog moved on. Now I'm transfixed on looking at fish.

Preston was the most excited about looking at the fish. If the boys push for a pet and it turns out to be fish. I think I'm okay with that.