Today one of my friends on FB posted this video.
The video cracked me up for several reasons. What struck me the funniest was I had a play date planned at a park today for the boys.

When I was working that was the hardest part about nice days was wanting to be outside with my kids.

When I went to pick Ethan up from school the parent of his play date informed me that they couldn't make it. When Ethan got into the vehicle he saw the picnic stuff so there wasn't anyway that I couldn't take the boys on a picnic. I figured it would be good to wear out the kids because they were having a babysitter tonight.

Why was Ms. Korri coming to babysit? Hot date night? nope. Josh was meeting up with his training group to help prepare for his upcoming marathon. I had a sewing class.

I was really nervous about my class tonight. I was so afraid of being the only student that didn't have a clue. I used to sew but it has been a really long time since I had done anything. Turns out the entire class was just as bad as me if not a little worst.