We are alive!

It seems that whatever has hit us has finally started to work out of our systems. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting but I didn't think any one really wanted to hear about Josh and I just laying around miserable.

Yesterday I started my first cake decorating class. there was quite a extensive list of things that I needed for the class. I made sure I had every little thing. One of the items was 6 cookies to be able to decorate. I had spent the morning baking sugar cookies. The boys had a blast helping rolling the dough out and cutting shapes. Once I got to class the teachers informed us that we didn't need the cookies. *sigh* Oh well the boys had fun.

The teachers are a married couple that have been teaching for several years. The husband used to be a chef for 40 years and once he retired decided that he wanted to do something fun and became a Wilton instructor. He was able to give us a lot of baking tricks and tips that weren't in the book. I'm really excited that I decided to take this class. It is something that I've been talking about for years