Thursday, October 20, 2011

We had a floor.

The kids actually picked up all of their toys in the living room and play room tonight. Then again I told them they couldn't have any TV until it was picked up. It the massive clean up started strong. Then the boys started to discover toys they hadn't seen in a while. The boys started racing cars around, then it turned into a chasing game. Some how that morphed into the kids crashing the cars into each other. Next thing I know there is a line of cars in the kitchen and Ethan saying that the cars haven't uploaded yet. Okay?? I have no idea what that means. The they kids decided they were tired and brought pillows and blankets into the kitchen too.

It was really nice watching the boys play together and get along. Seriously it was a hours and I didn't have to step in at all.

After the boys went to be we started inventory what we actually have for the scavenger hunt we have been working on.

I've got my manly doll house cleaned up.

Now it is time for the blocks.

I've got the puzzles.

Yep puzzles are awesome sauce.

A rare creature actually captured on film. A male human looking at directions!

This is what I learned at school today.

I just ran out of gas

Now my car is broken!

I'm still on the go

I was able to follow what the boys were doing till this point. What I could gather was Ethan was showing Preston how to be OCD.

Ethan: I'm worn out. Preston could you finish lining the cars up?

I make frosting look good.

I'm using the force to take Preston's cupcake.

I'm still mad my cupcake disappeared!

A pirates life is for me. Arrrrr.

Good thing there is only 225 items on the list.