Yep, another overscheduled day.

This morning we headed to brunch with some old friends that we just haven't had a chance to hang out with for a while now. It was great to see everyone. For the most part I think the boys behaved. At one point while we were waiting for a table Preston started getting cranky but Josh was able to get him something to snack on and he was fine. Towards the end of brunch Preston started getting sleepy and once again he was cranky. Other than that the boys were great. I just feel like I don't get to really talk to anyone because I'm so busy with the kids that I don't get to visit. The little bit that I was able to visit was really wonderful.

Then it was time for my second cake decorating class at JoAnn's fabric. I failed to realize that we would have an hour wait and while we were eating I lost track of time. When I left I only had ten minutes to get to class. I didn't have time to go home and pick up my supplies for class. The teachers are awesome and let me use their materials once they had used them. 

Today I learned to make flowers. However I couldn't make the flowers tight enough using my right hand. Once I switched hands and I finally was able to do it. It is something that I'm denfinatly going to have to keep practicing.

Then it was off to meet my family that was over at my parents home. I'm guessing my parents fed my boys nothing but sugar the entire time I was in class. They were so hyper and had so much energy. My parents each took a kid and played hide and seek well sort of. Every time someone would hid one of the boys would start giggling or would tell the hunter where the other adult was hiding. It was quite entertaining to watch.