Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Wall Art.

Yesterday I showed you my DIY project. Today I'm going to show you how it was done.

I started out with a cardboard box.

Cut off one side.

Picked out a roll of wrapping paper and taped it to the cardboard.

Added ribbon.
Note: to make life a whole lot easier make sure you use a ribbon that has wire on the sides of the ribbon. It helps keep the bow looking fluffy.

Taped everything down.

(If you notice it the first picture the ribbon doesn't cross in the middle because it didn't look right when I hung it up) I would recommend crossing the ribbons about 1/3 from the top.

Then I found a piece of pipe cleaner that matched the ribbon that I'm using.

I wanted an eight and half inch bow. I placed my pipe cleaner in the middle of the bow. Start with the pretty side facing you. My tails are the same size as my bow because I was running short on ribbon. If you want your tails to show measure how that length before you make your first loop.
Wow I need a manicure.

Where the ribbon crosses the pipe cleaner I folded the ribbon over. This keeps the "pretty side on the outside and when it is time to tighten the pipe cleaner a lot easier.

You either do three or four loops on each side. After the loops are completed then you do a loop half the length as the other bows. At this point measure the second tail and tighten the pipe cleaner as tight as humanly possible. At first I would have someone hold the bow together to make it easier to tighten.

At this point you start fluffing. I start with the small loop in the middle.

I then start working around the bow pulling out each loop and fluffing.

I attached the bow using the pipe cleaner. tying it at the intersection of the ribbons on the cardboard. I noticed at this point that the wrapping paper I used has little trees on it and I had the bow 1/3 from the bottom instead of the top.

I used Duck Poster Putty to stick the project to the wall.