Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A crappy post but lots of pictures of the boys

I think Josh and I have both lost it a little bit. We had a "fight" only using lines out of Dr. Seuss books.

It all started because I'm not a morning person. That is an HUGE understatement!! If it was up to me the day wouldn't start before noon. Anyways Josh was trying to wake me up and I just started with lines from the book I had read the boys the night before.

I started with, "My bed is warm. My pillow's deep. Today's the day I'm going to sleep" from I'm NOT Going to Get up Today!

Then Josh countered with, "Up! Up! The sun is getting up" from Great Day for Up.

I returned to I'm NOT Going to Get up Today with, " Today's my day for WOOZY-SNOOZY ZIZZ-ZIZZ ZIZZ ZAZZ ZUZZ".

Josh comes back with, "Up! Up! Great day, today! Great day for UP!"

Well crap on a stick I was to groggy and now laughing that I went blank on any Dr. Seuss counters. Tonight I'm going to memorize Shil Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk End. So tomorrow I won't have to think as hard.

Today the kids and I did "mommy school" to hopefully counter all of the TV I've let them watch. The boys really enjoy the lessons. Their favorite part was the large rectangle on the floor and they wanted to do everything in the shape.

Today was also swimming. I don't have any pictures because I didn't have my camera with me. The boys did the best they have done in a long time.

I don't know how he slept like this.

Look mom we are playing with rectangles in a RECTANGLE!!

This is living.

Art project