Getting closer.

I totally phoned my blog yesterday with the Melissa and Doug post. According to my page hits I should phone it in more often.

The boys and I haven't been doing anything to exciting. I've been hobbling around all week and haven't felt like I can handle the kids in public. Josh and I have been busy getting everything ready for the gingerbread house decorating fundraiser. Just a few more finishing touches and the house will  be completely decorated for Christmas.

My parents came over to help decorated our Christmas tree. My mom had given me most of our ornaments because she ran out of room on her trees. Yes she has two full size trees and had to many ornaments. That is a conversation for another day. My mom so entertaining because every time she opened another ornament to put on the tree she was surprised she let me have that one. I was starting to worry that she was going to take them all back. Then after we were done she wanted to see the tree skirt I had. I was afraid to get it out because he had also given it to me. I did get it and she was really surprised that I had the skirt from the formal living room tree. Then she paused a moment and remembered she got a nicer one for her tree.

I found this image on and was inspired.

Via Thrifty decor chick
I thought for my home that it would be better if I had three panels covered in wrapping paper with bows. Once I pulled out the things I bought at the end of last year I love the ball wreath I have for my fire place better.
Hi Fred.
Then I decided one panel over my sink would be perfect.

If I had put up the first picture and then this one you would have totally seen the inspiration I had. I'm debating on wither or not if I should do a tutorial  on how to make it. Or if I should just do a bow tutorial.

The house should be done today. Then it is going to be working on different gingerbread house recipes. I'm so excited about the fundraiser we are having this week.