The good and the bad.

Ethan had speech today. Unfortunately it was during the boys nap time. I had put Ethan down for his nap and acted like Preston was going to lay down but brought him back into the playroom to keep him awake. Apparently Ethan figured out that Preston was still awake and wanted to play too. We compromised and I let him lay down in my bed.

During speech therapy we reevaluated Preston's goals from June. Turns out that he has met the goals. The therapist believes that really he just needs to work on articulation. We discussed him possibly not needing therapy anymore. He is speaking so much now and is actually quite funny.

After speech I took Preston to his room and was about to read him a story when Ethan walked in. Ethan then informs me that he can't get this off his hands. I checked out what was on his hands there was a goo all over them and his face. Turns out he found a jar of Vaseline and a bottle of moisturizer and was trying to mix them together on one of my jewelery box lids. He also managed to spill water all over my nightstand. I was not a happy camper.

 After I finally got the mess cleaned up and the boys fell asleep, I opened a can of awesome sauce and made did some cleaning and made some pumpkin bread for Josh to sell to his training group tonight. Apparently he has been getting a lot of request for my bread. It is an easy enough fundraiser.

I have been getting millions of recipe, and decorating ideas from I have actually been on the website for a while but hadn't really spent a whole lot of time on it. The other night Josh was asking me about it so I logged in and showed him what it was and now I can't seem to stop. I'm sorry if my blogs start to suffer.