How to have a fun and successful Black Friday shopping experiance.

I know Black Friday shopping can be very intimidating for a first timer. However there are some very simple “rules” to follow so everyone can have a great time.

1. Leave the crying baby at home. -- Seriously if the kid is still believes in Santa maybe not taking them shopping for presents would make that belief last a little longer. When Stores opening in the middle of the night how hard is it to find someone to watch a sleeping child. I’m not talking to the single mom’s out there who really doesn’t have another option. The parents that are with several adults in a group. You couldn’t have one person stay at home with the kids???

2. Be Prepared.
-- Don’t get all bent out of shape because you arrived at the store ten minutes before it opens and you didn’t get a door buster. You snoozed and lost.
-- If you have coupons have them organized. Do not wait till you get to the register and decide to do multiple transactions. Then hold everyone else up because you can’t figure out what you are doing.
--Have a game plan when you enter the store. Our plan is my mom gets in the checkout line and lets people go ahead of her till the rest of us are done picking up the stuff on our list.

3. Be Courteous. – There is no need for pushing and shoving.

4. Have a sense of humor.