Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I got a new toy!!

Josh and I have been buying a lot of stuff of the internet lately. I wasn't shocked when a package arrived at our door this morning. What I was shocked to see is a Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Hand and Stick Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner.

I had asked for this vacuum for Mother's day. Then a month later around our anniversary and my birthday I requested it again. I hadn't mentioned it for months. I had emailed Josh asking if this was a Christmas present or if I could go ahead and open it up. I didn't hear anything so I just put it against the wall and went on with my day. I was busy in the kitchen and heard some commotion in the other room. When I got there Preston had pulled out all the parts and pieces of the vacuum I tried to put it back together and it was an epic fail. I went a head and put it together. The boys loved running around cleaning our floors. I was amazed at some of the items it picked up without an issue. I didn't really get to try it out before the battery died.

Super hero builder

Josh called after the vacuum died and he told me that it was a gift for being awesome. Then he mentioned that he found it on sale. Aww. He does know the way to my heart.

Last night I was giving Josh a hard time that all I have to do to keep him happy is to keep him in baked goods. He asked me what does he need to keep me in. I jokingly said diamonds. Today I told him apparently just keeping me in cleaning supplies.

The instructions told said to let it charge for three and half hours. While it was charging and the kids were napping I figured I would try something that I found on; How to clean your glass cook top.

The directions on the blog I though made a bigger mess than what my stove top was. Then again I didn't read the instructions close enough. So I ended up using a lot of elbow grease. In the end it looks a lot better but I do still have a couple of stains and still a little grungy.

How a super hero naps


Much better.

The boys were excited to see the vacuum off the charger and wanted to clean some more. I finally got to really test it out. I've never seen anything clean my hardwood floors so well.

Then it was time for swimming. During swimming at one point Ethan just had too much and sat at the edge of the pool. I checked on him and he told me that his energy is hurt?? He wasn't done swimming but just needed to take a break. Okay. Then a little later Ethan was back in the pool having a great time. Preston had a great time. We got the school's recommendation for their next class. Preston is going to repeat x-treme waterbabies, just because of his age. Ethan is moving up to Super Beginners.

Then we returned home and now it was Josh's turn to check out the vacuum. Josh thinks that it is awesome it works on carpet and the hardwoods. We have never paid so much for a vacuum before and it totally seems worth the money. I might actually end up being able to keep these floors cleaned after all.

Especially if the boys keep doing the vacuuming!!