I guess everything happens for a reason.

The Cirque Fit instructors have been very busy because they are putting on a show called kazoo-la-la. There is going to be two performances next week. Normally they email me to let me know when my ten class pass is about to expire, but between the influx of new students because of Groupon and the show I didn't get my normal email. They are also shifting the class schedule to online to help accommodate everyone. Long story short I wasn't actually signed up for class today.

I was actually surprised to see the new student from last week back. I guess my boys didn't behave as badly as I had thought they had. This week they started messing around again. Preston just wasn't listening. I had him sit with me for a while. Once he seemed to calm down he rejoined the class. Then Ethan ran into the bathroom and didn't quite get his pants down in time. I was there to get him into clean clothes. Then once Ethan rejoined the class; Preston was acting up again so I pulled him out. Ethan was a great student once Preston was out of the class.

I guess it was a good thing I wasn't in class today. Man I really needed the class to help burn off all the junk I ate over thanksgiving. I guess I'm going to have to go to the Athletic Center this week.