Saturday, November 5, 2011

I used my first Groupon.

I've actually signed up for Groupon a couple of years ago however I've never actually bought one. We had been discussing going to the Celina balloon festival ever since we missed the on in Plano.

When the Groupon had a deal for the festival that included four tickets, a parking pass, and 20 amusement park rides for $20 Josh jumped on it.

Yesterday and today was the balloon festival. We figured that today would be the easiest day to attend. My parents came over and we headed out. Honestly I have never been to Celina and didn't know what to expect for the festival.

The festival was at Old Celina Park and the first thing the boys saw was the playground equipment.  We were able to convince them to try out some of the amusement rides. The official schedule had a balloon lift at 5:00. When it was getting close we started trying to find out where the balloons were lifting off. That is when we found out that the lift off had been pushed back to 6:30 because of how strong the wind was. Everyone was having a great time so we just continued having a great time.

Poor Preston kept picking out the rides that had long lines so he only had been on two rides in the amount of time it took Ethan to use all of his tickets. At this point we decided to stop for dinner. After dinner we found out the balloon launch was canceled and they would the balloon glow would go on but with out the balloons attached to the baskets. The laser show was still on as scheduled for 9:00. It was really windy and cool.

We had Ethan play on the playground while Preston used the rest of his tickets. Then we decided it was time to leave. The boys faces were starting to turn red.

I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see any balloons. We did have a lot of fun and are looking forward to going again next year.