Thursday, November 3, 2011

I was left to my own devices.

Today Josh had to work late, he was so adorable when he was leaving. Josh was worried about me being alone with the boys all day. I wasn't worried this isn't my first rodeo. A year ago I might have freaked but today it wasn't a big deal.

I guess I'm just trying something new from pinterest everyday. Today's experiment was paint in a bag. Today I didn't even read the directions I just went off of the picture. Maybe I should start reading before doing. Crazy I know. I started off with a quart size Ziplock bag, but quickly decided that was to big and changed it to a sandwich bag. I didn't have 2 cups of paint so I improvised. I used about 2 tablespoons of finger paint. then added 2 tablespoons of flour and a little water. Stirred the contents till it as all the same color and consistency.
Ethan's bag
Preston's bag
Tammy the red book next to Preston is the one your blog on Monday came from.

 Since Ethan is back at home during the day I'm doing preschool. Today's art project was a sun. We are discussing sessions of change. Today was all about summer.

We discussed things that you get to do during the summer like swimming in a pond and apparently boating.
The boys driving boats in the pond.

Ethan deciding to go for a swim.

 Then Ethan declared that it isn't summer anymore it is autumn and we can go camping next to the pond. Then things morphed into a camp out. Complete with toddler sized microwaved smores. Yes I got the idea of microwaving the smores from No I didn't actually read those instructions either so I came up with my own.

One gram cracker, eight small marshmallows, and a fun size Hershey's bar from the kids Halloween candy.

Microwave for 25 seconds.

Close and eat...

Preston feeding Ethan left over marshmallows

You will eat this marshmallow.