I'm starting to feel overwhelmed.

Josh and I decided to host a gingerbread house making party on Nov. 17th. Yikes that is a lot of work in a very short amount of time. We have to find a restaurant to donate the food. Get the house decorated for Christmas. Josh doesn't like the taste of the pre-made gingerbread in the kits. So I'm going to have to make enough gingerbread for 20 houses. Enough frosting for 30 houses. For people that don't like gingerbread I found a cake pan that makes a 3D house, which will allow me to make a house they can decorate in any cake flavor they chose. I we are going to have to wait and see how many cakes I'll have to make too. Ugh!! Don't mention the deep cleaning that I need to do. Let's not forget the bathroom project that was started. I think there is a quick fix to hide all of the unfinished walls. That is going to take a little time to take care of.

Today Josh and I want on a hunt to find a pan that is a gingerbread house mold. Our first stop was at JoAnn in my hometown. This store opened just a couple months ago. I was expecting a really nice new store. This store was really cramped and smaller than the JoAnn that I'm used to shopping at. They didn't have the pan that we were looking for but we still managed to find a lot of other things that we "needed". Still in search of the pan we headed to Micheal's. They had all of their Halloween stuff was 70% off. The Wilton bakeware are buy two and get one free. I picked up a couple of pans that I've been kind of thinking about getting. However, we still didn't find the gingerbread house mold that we were looking for. But we did find gingerbread house cookie cutters so I'm not going to have to do it from a 29 year old stencil. I guess the hunt continues.

While Josh and I were on our shopping adventure the boys were at my parents home. Once we got back I suggested to pull out the bounce mat that we got at Ikea a few years ago.

I'm so sorry that these pictures are so blurry but sadly these are the best.

Um mom I think this thing just ate Preston. Honest I didn't have anything to do with it.

Since I'm going to be decorating for Christmas this week. I figured it was a perfect time to start posting where Fred Astaire likes to hide.  
Looks like Fred is ready to play the Wii.