A little late.

My apologies, I have been already severely chastised for not posting about yesterday up yet. The crazy thing is the person was around me pretty much all day long and knows what I did, however was upset that she didn’t get to read about it. *sigh* Anyways. I had another marathon of a day and ended up falling asleep on a couch because I had made the grave mistake of sitting down for a second.

My day started off with Preston poking my face with my glasses trying to put them on my face telling me to get up momma. Ethan had already tired to wake us up and ended up just crawling in bed with us.

The plan was have Josh drop the boys off at an hourly drop in daycare place (We have a coupon). However I wasn’t moving very fast and couldn’t find the boys shot records before for Josh was ready for work. Plan B went into effect that I would drop the boys off, and then trade off vehicles, then head out to my parent’s home. I had found one of the boy’s shot records but I still hadn’t located the “safe place” that I had the other record. In a panic I had grabbed the phone and was about to call the doctor’s office to get another copy when my phone rang. My mom informed me that they were moving slower than I was and not to bother to come out before noon and it should be fine to bring the kids. With a sigh of relief I rolled with Plan “C”. I spent the rest of the morning working on getting my house put back together after the party.

We finally arrived at my parent’s home. My sister, who is in town from Chicago, had been working on my parent’s formal living room tree for over a day at this point still wasn’t ready to put on ornaments yet. I got the boys engrossed in a TV program and start working on decorating some selves in the kitchen.

Today I finally saw why Josh will tell me I’m crazy sometimes (okay more often than not). My family marches to the beat of our own drum and don’t care what other people think. At this point I don’t remember what the exact moment was but basically we are loud and insane. Everything is a competition. Last week Ethan informed my mom that she was number on in his book and Papa was number two. It was my sister’s goal this week to become number one in Ethan’s book. She started off by bribing him. At one point Papa kidnapped Ethan to bribe him to become number one. My sister sneaked into the room and rescued Ethan, which turned into a game of hide and seek. Since then my sister seems to have been able to stay number one even without bribes because she “rescued” Ethan.

Somehow in all of the craziness we actually were able to get a lot accomplished on the decorating. Around midnight I had sat down and ended up falling asleep.

Yep I brought the magent board so the kid's could decorate their own tree while we did our tree.
Aunt Monkey helping out the kids with their tree.

Papa trying to get Preston to sleep.

This is the momentt that I realized my family just isn't quite right.