Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre Thanksgiving day!

This morning the boys were extremely hyper. Thank goodness PBS had a marathon of Curious George movies, the boys calmed down so I was able to do some serious Black Friday preparations. A lot of stores have coupons that give you extra Black Friday savings. For example, Old Navy on Thanksgiving Day has $10 off $50. A couple of years ago we ended up with several of the coupons so we several transactions. The person behind us made a couple of rude comments. We did have our transactions broken up so they didn’t have to wait while we were at the register. Overall we didn’t take that much longer than if we had just one transaction. She was just upset that she didn’t realize you could have more than one transaction or something. If I recall we had a couple of extra coupons and ended up giving them to her. Honestly I’m starting to get into the Black Friday “zone”, I’m starting to feel like the crazy Target lady. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about I found a commercial from last year. Please disregard them opening up at 4:00am because Target is really opening up at Midnight!!