Reasons why I almost cried today.

I was trying to finish up the Christmas decorations. I was making bows to add to the garland on my stairs. I decided that I didn't like one of the bows. I took it down and decided to make it a little smaller. I thought I had it finished and I trimmed off the extra only to realize that I had forgotten to do one of the loops. I had two loops on one side and three on the other. Ugh.

Then I heard the door bell ring. Ups had dropped off the pans that Josh had shipped overnight and I notice a package that had been dropped off by FedEx. I open it and it was some boots that I had ordered from I think the boots are even more gorgeous then the picture I saw online and at $31 were a still. I've ordered several things from this website and have loved everything. However when I was taking the paper out of the toes, I cut my finger on something in the boot. I carefully checked and it turns out the nails that hold the sole are all the way into the shoe. I'm glad that my foot didn't find the nails. Nomorerack has a wonderful return policy. I didn't know if they do exchanges. I called their customer service department and they will do exchanges if they still have the product in stock. Otherwise I would get a full refund. I don't want a refund these shoes rock! I'm going to take them to a shoe repair on Friday and see if they can be fixed.

Aren't they cute??!!

The big white spots are the nails. I know sometimes there is pain with cute shoes but come on.

I was busting my butt while the boys were napping and I was still in the "zone" when Preston came out of his room and grabbed my hand and said, "Play with me momma, please." With his big brown eyes looking up at me. My heart just melted.

I was busy making pumpkin bread for Josh's running group this evening. I made one batch normal. Then I made a second batch with chocolate chips. Apparently I didn't let the loaves cool enough in the pan because when I went to pop them out they all broke. I made another batch and sent Josh on the way. Then nobody bough any tonight.

They were yummy.

Josh loaded the kids in the van for our epic trip to Wal-Mart. When we got to the store I realized Preston didn't have any shoes. *sigh* At least it was Wal-Mart so we fit right in. At one point I was in so much pain from my foot that I just didn't care anymore. I was ready to just sit in the middle of floor and start crying but some how I carried on. We didn't realize till we got back in the car that it was 2 hours past the boys bedtime. I think at this point they were about to start crying too.

I didn't actually cry just came close a couple of times. I have no idea why I'm so emotional right now. I think it is because I'm stressed that more people aren't coming to the fundraiser but then I think I would be even more stressed if they were.

Today's project was building roads for there cars.

 I just took construction paper cut it half. For the bridges I used tape and just taped the top one so it would pooch. Then I made intersections my cutting the corners off. It kept the boys busy on and off all day.

Where in the house is Fred?
There he is.