Monday, November 7, 2011


Advertising works on my boys. This morning I had all of the different store toy magazines to see if there were any surprises that the kids want. The only shocker was that Ethan new what Transformers are. Ethan like pointing out the toys that we already own and the ones that he doesn't have yet. Preston just liked looking at the different train sets. When we were looking at the games both the boys were pointing out Elfun when a commercial came on for it.

The boys just about went nuts and wanted to play it. Thank goodness we already own it. Elfun is really a great game for toddler and preschoolers. The boys love counting how many butterflies they "caught". The reason caught is in quotes is because what generally happens is the boys might get one or two in their nets and then will pick up the ones on the ground and stick them into the net.
Working on my Christmas list.

Mom leave me alone. This is serious stuff.

The boys wanted to do an art project. I got crayons out for Preston and Ethan wanted markers. I did a quick run to the restroom. While I was doing my business Preston came walking in with is hands covered in black marker. There was marker on his face from where he touched it. So it looked like he had bruises. I tried to clean him up as best as I could but I just couldn't get his hands cleaned. Thank goodness I was able to get it off his face. Then I looked at where he had been sitting and was able to get that all cleaned too.

I swear that is marker on his face!!

I guess he had a great time.

Thank goodness his is an Ikea chair that I got on sale.

This evening was all about Cirque Fit classes. The boys did really great during class. I only heard them once and it was laughter not I'm doing something wrong laughing but I'm having a great time.

Right towards the end of class it started pouring. Great. The drive home was miserable and I didn't have my phone with me. I had exited from the Toll road and didn't know how to get to the road that I wanted. I didn't want to get lost. (Anyone who knows my family knows how easy we do). (Seriously my mom got lost in our home town's downtown area that is referred to as the square because it consist of four roads that has one building between them.) I ended up taking a very long way home. It was so late Preston was asleep and Ethan went out as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Fred's reading nook.