Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sorry I haven't been blogging.

Whenever I'm at my parent's home my mom keeps me busy from the moment I wake up till the moment I pass out from exhaustion. A quick recap of the past few days.

Wednesday -- Swimming!
My mom had some coupons that were about to expire and two were ten off ten and the other was 15 off 15. We didn't want to just  throw away $35. At Kolh's we got a Text and Learn for 91 cents. Then at JCPennys we got two pair of pajamas for the kids that totaled $15. However during all of this savings the boys ended up not getting naps and were extremely cranky during swimming. 

Ethan watching a mouse play the piano at Dillards.

Thanksgiving Day -- Family yay!!

Ethan showing off his mad driving skills

Watch out here comes Preston.
 My mom and I have been begging Josh to get larger riding toys for boys; Josh didn't think it was necessary. Until we were over at my grandmother's house and Josh realized that Ethan is getting to big for the ones they have. Of course this was after I had already decided on where were going to go when. Then I had to change our shopping schedule. This is all after we had already shopped at Old Navy.
Me, Josh, and my mom waiting for Toys R Us to open.

Three stores later... 1:30am

It is truly sad that we didn't find any thing to buy.

There is talk about next year renting a U-haul.
We stopped shopping because we ran out of room.

Saturday-- Hair Cuts and lots more family
I woke up to find out a distant cousin is stopping at my Grandmother's house this evening. My parents have been bugging me to get the boys hair cut  for awhile now. The last time I tried to took the boys to get their hair cut Ethan was great, however Preston threw a huge fit. My dad assured me that he could get Preston to get his hair cut. I found a kids place near my parent's home. Once again Ethan did great. Preston once again started screaming and crying. Once the hair dresser gave him a sucker he was fine. The boys were getting their hair cut at the same time. At one point Preston's hair was perfect and the hair dresser said let me just even it out in a couple of places and he will be done. At this time I shifted my attention to Ethan who was also finishing up and paying. When I returned to Preston his curls were all gone and the hair dresser was getting the clippers to make it even shorter. My mom and I wigged out on her.  I don't know how many times we said told her that we wanted to keep his curls. I guess I don't have to worry about anyone mistaking Preston for a girl anymore.

Before Pictures


I'm so excited about my hair cut.

Mom get over it. I don't have curls anymore. I'm a big boy now, it is time to cut the apron strings.
After we left getting the boys hair cut we got a call that my Aunt is in town and would like to see us tonight too. We had to do a little juggling but we got to see everyone. I didn't get any pictures because the boys were busy playing with our phones so we could actually visit.

Sunday -- The day of rest

We went to church with my parents. Then spent the rest of the day putting my parent's home back together. Then headed home. I was going to blog but ended up going to bed instead.