Very excited and a little disappointed.

I've been super excited about the stores opening earlier this year. Toys R Us opening at 9:00pm on Thanksgiving night. Wal-Mart sales starting at 10:00. Old Navy, Best Buy, Target, Kohl's, and Allen Premium Outlet are all opening at midnight. 4:00 am Sears and JCPenney's doors are opening. I love the fact that the stores are staggering their open times. Just last year we got messed up because with the stores opening so early they are have sales starting at different times. Wal-Mart for example has three different sale times 10pm, Midnight, and 8:00am. Last year Josh and I had to take over $100 worth of toys back because we didn't realize that they didn't go on sale till 5:00am.

This year we are making our list and noting what time that item goes on sale. However I'm not really seeing anything that is exciting me yet. I'm holding out hope that when I actually get the paper and have the ads in my hand I find some killer deals. We have been picking up kid toys on sale or clearance. My closet is starting to get over ran with presents for the boys. Basically I've been holding out for three toys to go really cheap and I'm not seeing any of them yet.

Today was the last day for Josh's fund raising. On Sunday I was really nervous because he still needed to raise over $700. This morning he was doing better but still a few hundred away from the goal. Josh's teammates all started to help and he ended up raising $20 more than his actual goal. I actually teared up a little because it was so touching how they all rallied around him to make sure he succeeded. If you didn't get a chance to donate this time but still want to don't worry Josh is planning to do another marathon in the spring and will be raising more money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. He will gladly accept your donations.