Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whoo hoo it is done!

This morning we headed to McDonalds for a late breakfast. My sister has been talking about a new coffee they have that she is completely addicted to the peppermint mocha. According to my sister it doesn’t really taste like coffee so I figured I would try it out. Apparently I was the only one who was hungry because I was the only one who ordered food. We let the boys play in the playground, because my parent’s house was such a mess the boys had been getting in trouble for trying to play. Then it was off to the shoe repair. We have known the couple who own the repair shop since I was in elementary school. They were so excited to see me and my boys they did the repair for me while I was talking to them and then didn’t charge me. Now I can where my adorable boots!!

Once we returned home I was able to talk to Josh who had run 20 miles this morning in preparation for the White Rock Marathon in December. He was sore but in good spirits and was headed over after picking a few things up at home.

We finished the last room to be completed. For a job well done my parents agreed to watch the boys so Josh and I could attend the end of season party with his running group. I was going to wear my boots however my feet were already sore and weren’t in the mood to break in a new pair of shoes. After the party Josh and I decided that we wanted to go to a “nice” restaurant. You know one of those places that have a host and a wait staff. Josh pulled out all of the stops and took me to the Olive Garden. Yep we are high class around here (spoken in a thick southern accent through a few missing teeth). Then back to my parent’s home. Yep we are old we were back from the party by 11:30 and Josh immediately fell asleep.

Oh yea baby I'm good enough to sing in the next big boy band!!

Momma, make it stop. Preston is singing again!!!