Why am I blogging in the dark?

That's right I only got four hours of sleep a million hours ago and my feet are throbbing. Not to mention that it might wake Josh up. Ooh I'm going to turn on the lights. Success Josh woke up! Okay not really just enough to find out if I need to be rushed to the hospital. Baby steps.

I am very punch drunk and shouldn't be blogging right now. I just have so much to blog about that I just have to. Now you have been warned that my mind might start wandering to some deep abyss that has nothing to do about what I'm actually trying to blog about.

Tonight was the night of Josh's first official fundraiser. Next time we are doing things a lot different for starters we are going to give ourselves more than a little over a week to plan it. I think that is going to be the biggest change. Second we aren't going to do an event that is going to force me to decorate my home for a holiday that nobody is ready for yet. Okay I didn't have to get my home ready for Christmas for the event but I think it just added to the over all feel of the event.

We had given ourselves a 4:30 baking cut off. Turns out we managed to finish baking all of the gingerbread before that. Score one for Josh and I. Once we were both on baking duty it really speed up the process.

Korri arrived to help clean up after all of the baking. Her timing couldn't have been more perfect. She was actually a little shocked that I didn't call her in a panic before than. I told her that I was so stressed out I wasn't sure which was was up let alone work a phone.

The party started off kind of rocky. Josh hadn't gotten back from picking up the food before people arrived. I hadn't quite gotten everything set up yet. The hot chocolate bar that we had planned on doing went out the window. Lori and Josh's dad showed up at the perfect time to start helping out with kids or whatever I needed.

Once Josh arrived with the food and people could eat while Josh and I finished the last few things like making frosting. Things starting to run smoothly. I guess another thing we will do different is have it start 30 minutes later and do it on a weekend.

Oh I'm so glad that I took notes today because I completely had forgotten about this morning. The boys checked out the Christmas tree that I had made for them. They pulled off all the ornaments and lights before I even blinked. Then had proceeded with pulling off half the magnets all in the same blink. After they got yelled at of taking the magnets off they were over the tree. *sigh* I was hopeful the other kids that were coming tonight would find it more interesting.

There was a little interest in the tree but they had so many other things to play with that they didn't really pay it much attention. I guess there goes my million dollar idea. I'm just glad that it wasn't a complicated project that I had spent a million of hours on.