Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why did I agree to this?

Today was all about making sure we are ready for the fundraiser tomorrow night. All the last minute details that need to be taken care of like baking the gingerbread for the houses that we need.

The were three separate projects that I saw on that I thought were all great ideas. Apparently I didn't actually pin any of them. So I'm going off completely what I think they were and am unable to show you the original ideas. Here is my readers digest version of them. One was using an oil pan as a magnet board. Another was making a Christmas tree out of felt so that kids can decorated it with felt ornaments. Third was putting magnets on Christmas ornaments to decorate your refrigerator.  In my apparently twisted mind it made sense to get the oil pan. Hot glue a felt tree on to it. Then put the magnets on the tree. After looking at the finished project it was great but not enough. I added felt lights. I love the final results now I just hope the boys do and the other children that are coming over.

The largest bag of flour I've ever seen and we are making quite a dent into it.

Three ideas combined into one.

Made it even more awesome.

Even Fred wants to be a super hero.