Why did I think this was a good idea?

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching TV with Ethan. A commercial came on for Build-A-Bear Workshop and Ethan asked to go. I remembered that Ethan had gotten a gift card for his birthday so I said that we could go. I asked him if it was okay if Ms. Korri could join us and Ethan loved the idea. A quick text to Korri and this morning was planned.

Before we headed to the mall, we went to story time at Sci-tech discovery Center in Frisco. When we pulled up there was a school bus marked Dallas County Schools. Apparently I made a face when I saw the bus. I was expecting it to be wall to wall of kids running around once we got inside. Turns out there weren't that many kids.

I leaned over and whispered to Korri wow the mom's with this group are sure different. The last group the moms were all looked like they just stepped out of a Neiman Marcus catalog. Today's group wasn't nearly as fashionable.

What I love about their story time is that after the story there is a "science" experiment. Today they learned about matching. The kids loved playing with Skittles then eating them after it was done.

I'm so mature. He He Balls!!

I'm waiting my turn.

Korri getting into the action.

Don't I look like I know what is going on.

Showing Korri how this is done

Oh something that makes noise.

Working on my OCD

Look  I did it.

The boys whined about leaving, after being reminded where we were going they were fine actually excited.

When we walked into Build-a-Bear, I thought the boy's heads were going to explode with excitement. They each quickly picked out an animal and stood in line to get them stuffed. Ethan decided on a brown bunny. Preston feel in love with Snoopy. After the boys gave the animals baths it was time to pick out clothes. Ethan decided on a Harley shirt and shorts. Preston chose a Texas Rangers baseball uniform and wanted Cars shoes. Korri convinced him to find baseball shoes.


Lunch, stopped in a couple of stores, then headed to the play area. After about five minutes the boys were done and ready to go home.

The boys were so cute, they took off the shoes of their animals and put them away then took off their own shoes. Preston but his dog on his pillow then went to sleep. Ethan on the other hand made a production about getting ready to fall asleep for his nap. He had to have a pillow for bunny and teddy. Then they each needed a blanket.

When they got up Preston didn't have his dog but when I asked where it was he went and got it then didn't hardly let go of it. Ethan had his bunny and even needed a chair for bunny at the table for dinner. I'm glad the boys love their new animals.

Preston's Snoopy

Ethan wanted to take the picture of his animals.

bunny's close up

Teddy's close up

I see you


Josh is amused that Ethan named his bunny, Bunny and named our Elf on the Shelf, Fred Astaire. I guess he likes to name things that he thinks they look like.