Friday, December 16, 2011

A big event!!

Today was the graduation of Korri Lake with a Masters in library sciences! I couldn't be prouder. Becoming a librarian is one of the first things I ever learned about Korri when we first met in line for housing at Walt Disney World to start our College Program just a month shy of ten years ago. To see her get to this point of her dream is amazing. It hasn't always been easy. The fact today she walked across that stage and received a nice letter saying that her actual diploma is in the mail is a huge accomplishment. I was overwhelmed with tears of joy during the ceremony. I’m sadden by the fact she is most likely going to leave Texas and move back north somewhere. I still won’t visit her when there is that nasty white stuff on the ground most people call snow. I guess that means sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day, I’ll venture north of the Red River.
My Korri you certainly have aged. Oh wait that is Korri's grandmother!
Wait here is our edumacated girl!

Korri, I love you like a sister, good luck on your next adventure. Hopefully, I'll still get to be around to cheer you on!