Thursday, December 1, 2011

The count down begins!

I'm starting to do a Christmas countdown with the boys. They don't seem that interested in it yet.

This morning the boys worked on their Christmas list. Ethan was cracking me up because I would ask him what he wanted and he would say he couldn't remember. Then he would inform me that Preston is a bad brother and that he is on the Naughty list. I kept throwing out ideas and the boys acted like I was talking a different language. I figured the only way to come up with a list was to go to Toys R Us and just show them pictures of different things. Preston didn't really seem interested in anything. After a couple of hours we had just a couple of items on his list. Then it was Ethan turns and after a couple of minutes he had threer/> pages of stuff. I had told my sister to get them the new wall tracks from Hot Wheels. I hadn't seen them on Toys R us website. I then went to the Hot Wheels website and found a 50 second commercial that the boys had me play over and over for at least 30 minutes till it was time for lunch.

The reason I was stressing about trying to get the boys list ready is because this afternoon my mom was coming over to go shopping and take the boys to see Santa.

The first thing that Ethan wanted Nana to do was watch the commercial for the Wall Tracks.

When we got there there was one kid that was on Santa's lap then it was us. For some reason whenever we go somewhere a line forms behind us. There was at least ten kids waiting when were done. Seriously where did everyone come from??? 

Then it was off for some shopping!! My mom ran into one store that I wasn't interested in and I knew the boys wouldn't want to. Near the store was an interactive projector. The boys were quite entertained while my mom dealt with the slowest store clerk ever.

Getting rid of the leaves.

Making shooting stars


Looped back to the shooting stars

Thank goodness my mom was finally done right when the area started to get crowed. I have a feeling the boys won't let me just walk past this again. Once Josh got home from work I dumped the kids on him and headed out for serious shopping.

I haven't posted pictures of Fred lately. Since Christmas is getting closer it looks like Fred is starting to cause some mischief. Yesterday he started a snowball fight with some teddy bear Christmas figures using marshmallows.

The fight must have worn Fred out because tonight he crawled into bed.