Friday, December 23, 2011

A crazy day at my parents.

Today’s task was to get to Wal-Mart to buy stocking stuffers and finish wrapping presents. Sounds simple enough and we should have time to other things. Nope! It took all day for those two tasks to be accomplished and actually the finish wrapping presents didn’t get complete.

The morning started off with the sound of tearing wrapping paper. Josh and I both shot up to find Preston sitting in the middle of the floor starting to open a gift. We yelled at him to stop and sent him back to bed. Instead the little toot ran to nana and papa’s room crying. The scooped him up and was trying to calm him down. They realized that we were a wake and decided to find out what happened. The rest of the day Preston sat in front of the tree pouting and saying presents please.

When my sister, mom, and I we really seem to bring out each other’s ADD issues. Most people hear us talk and it just gives them a headache trying to follow the story. Anyways that translates getting distracted while we are trying to dressed and headed out the door to get to Wally World. We finally were able to get loaded in to my parent’s van and headed out about 10:15 in the morning. First we had a couple of “quick” stops along the way. Just before we stopped at the second place my mom’s phone rang and it was one of her good friends wanting to stop by and visit while we had lunch. My mom then had us go back to the first stop and need to grab bread for lunches. Then back home it was.

It was really nice to visit with Cindy. She is always quite entertaining. After she left it was now time for the boys to take their naps. Thank goodness my dad was around and would watch the sleeping boys while we went to Wal-Mart. We finally left the house about 1:30 and spent two hours in the store. My mom ran into some people while we were there. Then we headed to the check out every line was enormous. Somehow I managed to find a line with three people in it. But by the time we finally got to the check out the line was just as long as the rest of them.

We got home just at Preston woke up. My mom started working on making lasagna and my sister and I started wrapping. The boys wanted to help but quickly decided that wrapping wasn’t that fun. They did like carrying presents and putting them under the tree. Once they saw it was mostly clothes they didn’t ask to open anymore presents.

Two hours later my mom finished assembling the fattest lasagna she ever made. My dad went and picked up my grandmother so she could visit with my sister and have dinner with us. It was really nice getting to spend more time with my grandmother.

The boys went to bed and we continued on with wrapping. We had gotten everything wrapped and was about to head to bed when my mom asked if Tam had brought her presents to be wrapped. Well crap on a stick no she didn’t. At least there isn’t that much left but it is just annoying because we thought we were done. My sister and Rich and gone out after dinner to spend time with friends and she didn’t leave us the gifts for her that she had bought*. I had just crawled into bed when I heard Tamara wrestling with the keys at the front door. I yelled at her for not putting the gifts out and that I was done wrapping so she wasn’t going to get open anything on Christmas. Okay I’m not that mean I was just tired and cranky.

*My family does gift giving a little different. We are given spending amounts and we go shopping for ourselves then we get paid back. It is really nice when it comes to clothes because we try everything on and love it. The nice part is we try to make sure we don’t have to wrap our own presents. Which means there aren’t any surprises but hey not all surprises are good right?