A day at home

I don't know how this happened but I didn't have any plans during the day today. The boys were happy just to stay home and play. I think being on the go has really tired them out. I know I'm exhausted. I tried my hand at baking today.

When Josh and I were planning the gingerbread house making party we saw how you can take a ice cream cone and make a tree. During the party one person tried it but for some reason the icing wouldn't stick to the cone. I figured that I would try it on top of a cupcake.

I totally cheated and used a box of cake mix I had to make the cupcakes.
Then I added frosting to the opened end of the cone and placed it on the cupcake.
Then following the instructions from Wilton's website. I added green frosting to the cone.

I used to 2 plastic plates sitting on top of each other I would turn the top plate it make it a lot easier to decorated the cone.

After two trees I ran out of green frosting. I just frosted the rest of the cupcakes with white or red frosting.