Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A day without kids!!

This morning my alarm started going off at 5:30am. Seriously I'm over these early mornings. *sigh* I have a feeling that there are going to be more till Christmas arrives.

Anyways, this morning I awoke early was because I was going to drop off my boys off at a babysitter and I was going to head over to my parent's home to help wrap presents. Man people in Dallas do not know how to drive especially when there is a little rain falling. Accidents were everywhere and people just weren't being stupid on the road. I was so thankful when I finally arrived at the babysitter's house. I've never used this person before but my mom recommended her and she was super cheap. She charged $40 to watch both boys all day, the crazy part is that is her normal charge! For those who know me, know that when it comes to leaving my kids with people I'm very very picky and will spend what ever it takes to find a place that I feel comfortable that my boys are going to be okay. My mom goes to church with Mrs. Jean where is the boys Sunday School teacher when we attend. The readers digest background on Mrs. Jean she is a former foster parent. When they were fostering they didn't have any intention of adopting any of the kids but one girl had been with them for several years and when she became eligible for adoption they couldn't imagine her living anywhere else and adopted. Now their daughter is all grown up and has several children of her own. I just adore Mrs. Jean and had no issue about leaving my boys with her.

My mom and I were able to get so much wrapping done. I forget how much quicker you can do things when the kids aren't around. I wish that I didn't have to leave when I did because I think another hour and we would have had everything wrapped expect the few items that we are just going to put together and leave under the tree. I'm hopeful that means on Christmas Eve we aren't going to be up till 2:00 or later trying to finish the wrapping. 

I think the box is winning!

The reason I couldn't say is because it is Wednesday and we have swimming tonight!!

Preston was so excited when we pulled up. He started saying he wanted to go swimming and started doing his big swimming arms. Ethan wasn't as excited about getting into the water. I don't know what happens during swimming class but afterwords the boys are so hyper. I know I say this every week but I think it is just a little worst each week. I'm so glad that the fall session is almost over. I had thought that tonight was the last one, but it turns out the school is closing for two weeks after it reopens we will have two more classes.

Ethan doing his Scott Stapp impression..

Preston putting his fins on.

Just laying around

Preston rocking it out on the duck.

Preston's first surfing lesson

We finally got the boys loaded up in the van. Because Josh went to the school straight from work we had two cars. He hit the grocery store for milk and bread. I headed to Little Ceasers for a pizza with the boys. The store was out of pizzas when we got there and there was a line that if it wasn't raining would have been out the door. When I finally got to order I thought that the wait was almost over. Nope. The hot and ready pizzas were all sold out and they were just putting them in the oven. I was really thinking I made the wrong decision and should have taken the boys to the grocery store.