Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A family Christmas!

Before the boys and I woke Josh ran to the store to get milk for Preston, apparently we ran out at dinner last night and I didn't know.  Josh tired to wake me to find out if there was anything else that we needed. I didn't wake up but I do talk in my sleep and this has gotten me in trouble in the past because any filter that I have is completely turned off when this happens. I informed Josh that he failed at buying creamer the other day because he picked up some fat free, sugar free stuff that doesn't sit well with me. Apparently I didn't say it in the most polite way because while we was at the store he felt guilty about the creamer and found my favorite cookie in the WORLD!! Tim Tams!!! Or that was my Christmas present from him. I can never tell with him. I think one day I'll have to blog about my love of Tim Tams and about when I first fell in love.

Josh WINS!!!
This morning was the only morning we were going to have to just do a small family Christmas celebration. The boys are going to receive so many presents this year we figured that if they were staggered a little they would actually know what they got. Josh and I pulled out a couple of gifts for each of the boys and a couple of joint gifts. Actually I screwed up and only pulled one gift out for Ethan but we were able to cover so he didn't notice. Ethan opened Cars 2 the movie. Preston opened some Webbles. Then they both opened Hungry Hungry Hippos. I had gotten the boys My Own Story Time Pad by Leapfrog. I figured this would be the big hit of the day, boy was I wrong. Ethan opened it and  said,"What the (pause) heck is this?" Josh died laughing.
The boys were excited to see presents under the tree.

Yea a movie!

Ethan, "What the heck is this?"
 As soon as the boys were done opening presents, Ethan asked where are the wall tracks?? Seriously kid? I told him that it wasn't really Christmas yet and he was going to be getting more presents later. He seemed good with that. Or so I thought till he asked again about an hour later. I told him that he had asked Santa for it so he is going to have to wait till Christmas. *sigh* I have a feeling we are going to have to work on being grateful.

 The big winner of the day was Hungry Hungry Hippos. I figured the boys would enjoy it but Preston hardly stopped playing.

 Ethan decided that he wanted to make a present for me and Josh.

Preston taking a break from the hippos.

Ethan showing Preston how to make the present.

 Apparently Ethan has decided that a sleeping Josh is where he needs to be.

The best chair EVER.

The boys practicing their human climbing and balancing. Yes, Ethan is standing on Josh's shoulder.

Dad you make the best trampoline EVER!!!