Happy Birthday Josh.

This morning I woke up and Josh had already left for his morning jog. Other than freezing this morning it sounds like it was just what he needed. I was talking to him trying to figure out what he wanted to do for the day and apparently fell asleep. Josh was awesome and let me take a nap. After he woke me up, Josh wanted to go to the library.

The Frisco library has several floors. The first floor is movies, large print books, audio books, and the teen room. Second floor is where I normally spend all my time. It has the kid books and where story time is. The third floor is administrative stuff. Then the fourth floor is for the grownups. When we first arrived we went straight to the second floor and the boys went to the computers and grabbed the last two open ones. Josh had me go explore the forth floor, today was my first time to venture up on the forth floor. I was shocked how many people were in the library. It almost reminded me of the college library the week before finals. All of the study tables were full and most of the reading chairs. There was a new to me author that I wanted to check out but for the life of me I couldn't remember her name. Josh reminded me that the book I was looking for was 'A' is for Alibi by Sue Grafton. Once I had that information I was able to find it and return so that Josh was able to look for the books he was interested in. Once Josh returned the boys were over the computers and we found books for them. Ethan and Preston were both so excited to go to the library and pick out books.

After the boys naps all they wanted to do was be read to. Other than the library Josh just wanted a quite day at home. Josh got an email from redbox that gave him a code to get a free rental for today. After dinner we loaded up to get the movie then go to Frisco Square to look at lights. They have the whole area decorated in lights that is synced to music that you can your FM radio to. Ethan loved that the lights danced with the music and wanted all of the other lights we saw on the way home to dance too. There were a lot of activities going on, the ice rink, carriage rides, trains, and of course Santa. It was past the boys bedtime when we got to the square so we ended up just driving around. Hopefully next year we will actually have a chance to really check out. The whole area just seems so magical and so small town feeling.

Preston rocking out to Christmas music

Dancing snow flakes on the side of a building

A look down Colman street.

The library all lit up.

The tree in square.

More of the library.
Once the boys were tucked into bed.  Josh and I watched Green Lantern. I really enjoyed the movie. It was so much better than the Captain America movie and had better eye candy.

Happy Birthday Josh and my brother Mike. I love you both!