Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I had a night out!

Some of the people that Josh runs with have already started to fund raise for the spring run. Most of his teammates do wine tastings. Every time one came up Josh and I really wanted to go but couldn't find a babysitter for such short notice that Josh gave me. Tonight was another one of the wine tastings. It sucked that it was tonight because the boys have swimming. For some reason swimming makes the boys extra hyper and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Josh's teammates have been so great with helping him fund raise that I felt like at least one of us should make an appearance. I figured Josh would be the one to attend since he knows everyone. At the last minute, Josh decided that it would be better for me to go because I know more about wine and jewelry. Yep Josh had to really twist my arm to have a reason to get out of my sweats and into adult clothes and drink wine, versus getting the boys to settle down and into bed.

When I was driving to Landon Winery in McKinney, I realized that wearing white corduroy pants might not have been the smartest idea. I had a feeling that I'm glad to know that white vinegar removes red wine stains.

I walked in and quickly realized that I don't know anyone. Fortunately someone recognized me and called me over. Everyone that I have meet with the Team in Training group have been so nice and helpful. Tonight I meet an alumni that would go with me to any 5K that I was interested in. I tasted some amazing Texas wines. There was also a silent action going on at the same time as the tasting. I was top bidder for a night stay at Choctaw Casino and an hour of personal training.

The most awesome part of the evening is my pants are still white!!! I don't know how I managed that but whoo hoo!!

 I know the real reason everyone comes to this blog is to see pictures of the boys. 

Preston using big kickers.

Preston in the front and Ethan floating on his back in the back.

Preston's class singing a song

Ethan doing a big dive into the water in the background,

Preston just laying around

Preston escaping class.