Is it Monday yet????

This weekend is going to be crazy busy! I've been spending the day getting ready for the weekend.

The biggest thing is this weekend Josh is going to run his first FULL marathon. The White Rock Marathon in Dallas, TX. Josh is starting to get really nervous. He is defiantly a lot more prepared for this marathon than the half marathon he did last year. Last year Josh had to buy warm running clothes because the weather was changed that weekend. He didn't have anything to carry water with him or other running gear.

This year he has been training with Team in Training. I love that there are people that are going to be along the route that are there just to make sure he is okay and has what he needs to be able to finish the race.

Words can not describe how proud I am of Josh for doing a marathon. It brings me to tears when I try to put into words how happy I am that he is chasing his dreams about getting in better shape and how much he inspires me to be a better person. I don't tell him enough just how much I love him and how honor I am to be his wife.

Josh a year ago doing the half marathon