Josh's Birthday weekend gets wrapped up!

Today was the final birthday celebration for Josh. For today's celebration we were going to my parent's home where my mom had made a home cooked meal and had presents for Josh. Then my parents watched the boys. Josh and I headed to the movies.

We had talked about seeing New Year's Eve but just seeing that it only had a 7% rating on, but we were concerned. There wasn't really anything else that we were interested in seeing so Josh and I went ahead and got tickets for New Year's Eve. I'm glad that we gave it a chance. It was a nice light date movie that had me wrapped up in the story and forgot about my life for almost two hours. Really isn't that the point of going to the movies? I was amazed at all of the celebrities they had in the movie. I don't know how may times I tapped Josh and whispered 'Oh my gosh that is, what is that person's name?' Then kicked myself when the credits rolled. The story followed several different people who's lives all some how intertwined even if it was very loosely. This is defiantly a movie that I will pick up once we see it in the $5.00 bin.