More Shopping.

I'm so sorry about the super short blog yesterday. I'm afraid that today's blog isn't going to be much better.

My mom arrived at my home at 11:00 it took me about thirty minutes to get out the door and I didn't return home till almost ten o'clock at night. The boys were running around this morning I was worried if they were going to trying to bounce off the walls all day but I was pleasantly surprised how great they did. At Macy's they had several of the dress marked down to $40! Josh's office party is this weekend so of course I had to pick one up! My mom got a pair of riding boots for $75. That was all we found at the mall. After a quick lunch we head to a couple of other stores then headed toAllen Premium Outlets. At Jones New York I clean up on dresses. I was able to snag a nice sundress for $7. Yes it is out of season but you know what this summer is going to look awesome even if I just wear it to the pool but it is way to nice for that.

It was a great day and got a lot of deals! My Christmas shopping is almost complete!