Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Updated: My hopes and dreams were crushed!

Scroll to the bottom for the updated part.

Our current plan "A" is when the boys start school then I will return to work. I'm starting to think about what I want to do when I grow up. I've been thinking about Electrical Engineer or Financial Statistician; both jobs will require me to attend grad school. However on Facebook someone posted a news story that NASA is looking for astronauts for deep space. I clicked through to the actual qualifications requirements.

I'm not projected my dreams on Ethan at all.

Education requirement: Check
Work requirement: Check
Physical requirement: A little shaky but totally willing to get LASIK

Sweet I could totally be an astronaut!! I consulted with Josh about my new lifelong dream then he pointed out that we would have to move to Houston. Well crap on a stick! He just crushed my dreams because I have zero interest in living in Houston.

My dreams for about five minutes are gone and probably will be forgotten shortly after this is posted. But I must keep my head up high and figure out how to piece my life together and move on.

My mom called me asking about my dream of becoming and astronaut, not because she read my blog but my sister gave her a readers digest version of it. First she started in about all the qualifications that it takes. I explained I actually meet all of the requirements but I would have to have eye surgery first then take a physical challenge test. Which at this point I would fail spectacularly. Then she stared in about how she thought they weren't doing anymore shuttle launches. And then to make sure my astronaut dream was utterly crushed she brought up about the astronauts that have blown up. She would have continued but I told her that my astronaut dream had already be crushed so thank you so much for smashing it into pieces.