Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My sister is in town!!

This morning was an early morning but at least it wasn't a butt crack of dawn early. My sister and her husband arrived at the airport at 8:45 am. Because Dallas traffic can be tricky and there is construction at the north entrance of the airport I left the house thirty minutes earlier than if the flight hadn't been just after the morning rush hour. Turns out I didn't really need that much extra time but it gave me an opportunity to warn inform our former coworkers that we were going to visit after Tamara arrived. My sister and I had worked together at a community blood bank before she moved to Chicago and it was my last job before I decided to stay home with the kids.

Today we made the blood bank slightly less productive. Oops but it was great getting to see everyone. It is amazing how much things have changed but how much they have stayed the same. I was so distracted about seeing everyone I only took one picture.
Mrs. Dorthy taking to Preston!

A quick stop for lunch then off for some shopping!!

Preston and Aunt Monkey practicing dancing for tonight

Preston just chilling with Uncle Richie

Ethan: I want a picture too!!!
For dinner we headed to Southern Junction in Rockwall!!! I need to pause a second and say how much I love that 190 opened today all the way to I-30 in Garland. It makes getting from the Frisco area to east of Dallas SOOOOO much faster.  Now back to Southern Junction.. Wednesday night is buy one steak get one free. I just take Josh to all the fancy places around town. Yes I took my boys to a honky tonk and it isn't their first time. I'm a high class momma right here. Actually, before 8:00 there are a ton of families especially on Wednesday nights. I've never been anywhere else like it. It is in the middle of nowhere. You order and get your salad then when you are ready you go and pick out the cut of meat you ordered. Go over and add the seasoning you want, then grill your own steak! or you can pay $2 more and have the cooks cook it for you. I was pulling my steak and toast of the grill when this woman came over and crowded me on the grill then asked if she could use my butter. If I hadn't been done then I might had gotten annoyed. Then Josh started talking to her like he knew her. I was like what the crap, then I realized it was my sister. Oops. I guess it was a good thing that I didn't tell her off. We actually arrived an hour late so I didn't realize that my sister who road with my parents had waited for us to arrive before she ate. Then I realized she really waited for Rich (her husband who was with us) to grill her steak for her.

Papa and Preston on the dance floor

Just chilling  by the stage

Ethan showing off his moves
The boys getting their drink on!!