Pre-Josh's birthday!

Like most mornings today started off with me not wanting to get out of bed. This morning was especially bad because while Josh was in the shower and the kids were running around before I knew they were awake someone had gotten into the q-tip box and had made a wonderful mess. I'm guessing it is the same child who brought me two pieces of my make up to me to wake me up. Yep today started off wonderfully. The kids were running around like wild children playing chase or something. Josh was cranky about how the kids acting, basically he just needed some strong coffee as did I.

Eventually the boys calmed down enough to do an "art" project. I gave them some crayons and stickers and a couple of sheets of construction paper.

Then it was off to meet my mom at the mall for some more Christmas shopping. Of course this would be the boys normal nap time but it was the only time we could get together. At one point Ethan was having a meltdown because he was tired. Someone actually had the nerve to come up to me and inform me that it is obviously nap time and shame one me. Really? If I hadn't been so shocked by the comment I think the northern in me would have come out!! I would have said something like, "Seriously lady you don't think I know it is my kid's nap time. Don't you see he has a blanket and he is freaking laying down in the stroller!! You can't tell I'm trying to get the kid to fall asleep. I can't help it that he is fighting taking a nap. Get off you high horse! and you can't tell me your stuff don't stink because honey I can smell you from here! Lady, this is Texas you better be glad I don't have a concealed handgun!"  I wonder what would have happened next? Instead I just ignored the crazy lady.

We got some good deals at the Gap and Macy's. Oh Talbots in Stonebriar Mall is closing and everything is marked 40- 70% off plus if you buy five items you get two free! However it is very confusing on what has which percent off and some of the items have three different prices on it we weren't sure which price you used to figure what the price was. Basically gave us a big headache; we finally found someone in the store she said it is off the original price but from what we could figure out it wasn't that great of a deal. We ended up just moving on.

Before I knew it, it was time to pick Josh up from work and head to his birthday dinner with Josh's dad. On the way to the restaurant we passed a Kohl's and I remembered that I had a ten dollar of ten that expires today and we needed to stop on the way home.

We ate at La Hacienda Ranch in Far North Dallas. It was nice we arrived a little before Josh's dad and his friend arrived. The boys were able to get their food and eat before he had gotten ours. I was sittinig next to Preston and Josh was next to Ethan; it was nice to be able to get their food cut up and the boys eating without feeling rushed to eat our food.

I had told the boys that if they had behaved today that we would take them for ice cream after dinner. Basically I wanted an excuse to go to Braum's on the way home from dinner to pick up Egg Nog. Normally Preston isn't a big ice cream person but tonight he was just as excited Ethan. Once we had our ice cream Preston only took a couple of bites, which I figured would happen because he ate a lot a dinner. Then he got a hold of Josh's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Milkshake and drank most of it.
Hey Papa Will, I stole daddy's drink and it is yummy!

It's my birthday I can cry if I want to. You would cry too if your shake was stolen and you were stuck with this ice cream that you didn't want!

Blue ice cream ROCKS!!!

Brain Freeze!

Who thought ice cream was a good idea when it is 45 degrees out?

Oh daddy, don't be sad. I'll let you have a sip of your shake.
Then it was off to Kohl's Josh and the boys all stayed in the car while I ran inside. Josh mentioned that he needed some undies. They were on sale buy one get one 1/2 off. I had 20% off then $10 off. With the sale and my coupons I ended up with buy one get one free!!