The relaxing day before Josh's first marathon!

This morning started off at 5:30 AM!!! Talk about the butt crack of dawn. I was under the illusion that 5:30 only happened once a day. What in the world could make this anti-morning person get out of bed at such an inhuman hour? Shopping of course! Not just any shopping; shopping for toys!

Toys R Us was having a decent sale on leapfrog, crayola, and games. Which coincide with the items that I need to finish shopping for the boys. It was nice there was a couple of other cars arriving when I did but that was all that there this morning; vast difference from slightly over a week ago. It was so calm, I didn't feel like I was a contestant on a game show where you had a few minutes to grab as much as you can to win. However, I was on a serious time crunch because Josh needed to leave to join his Team in Training group for their last group before the Marathon tomorrow. When I reached the register, I pulled out my coupons and my frequent shopping card, then I reached in my purse to pay and realized I didn't have my wallet. The cashier couldn't have been nicer about the situation. I just wanted to melt into the floor. I rushed back home then returned to the store. Thankfully they had my cart next to the register still and he quickly checked me out. Unfortunately I didn't return home till thirty minutes after Josh's group was suppose to meet. I feel terrible that missed his last meeting.

The leapfrog sale was buy two and get the third free! I bought three Leapfrog Leapster Explorers and had a ten dollar off coupon. Now I'm going to sale the third one. If you are interested please let me know.

Then it was time to pack because the boys are going to spend the night at my parents home. Josh had a dinner with his running group and we are staying in a hotel near the start of the Marathon.

My parents arrived before we were done packing. Their arrival wasn't for picking up the kids but for having breakfast with Santa! We arrived at the Frisco Senior Center a couple of minute early where we were entertained by Frosty the Snow man and Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer. They also had a craft section and an area for kids to write letters to Santa. This year they assigned you a table when walked in, which I loved. The boys couldn't wait to see Santa or to eat. Seriously you would think I never feed my kids but they already had a breakfast this morning. Granted it was time for a snack but they ate a second full breakfast. I was a little disappointed they didn't have a puppet show this year. It was still a really nice event and I'm glad that we were able to attend this year after missing it last year because I failed at getting tickets before it sold out.
Yep this is the best picture of this group. Hey boys look over here!!!!

Frosty over here!! Please!

The boys just weren't into taking pictures.

I think Preston might have lock jaw! I have no idea why his mouth is opened in every picture today

Ethan taking pictures.

Then it was back home to change the boys into play clothes and to finish packing. Once again the packing frenzy wasn't because my parents were taking the boys but because they were taking the suitcases!  We were heading to Fair Park in Dallas to get Josh's Marathon packet and tour the expo. Fair Park isn't the nicest area in Dallas and we didn't want to have the suitcases in the vehicle. Josh ran into several people in his running group and had to check out all of the upcoming running events. There is one event that I am actually thinking about doing. It is the hot chocolate run on February 11th. They sucked me in with free chocolates, and they have hot chocolate stations! Let me tell you I love me my chocolates. Another thing that makes this run AWESOME is it is a 5K or a 15K. I think I'm leaning towards doing the 5K this year and maybe the 15K next time.I don't think there is enough time for me to go from 0 to 9.3 miles in a month because I'm not going to be able to start training in December. Another thing I learned was there is going to be a half marathon the goes through my parents subdivision in May. Oh my goodness traffic is going to be a nightmare in Rockwall on Memorial Day.

While we were checking everything out the boys found a bounce house and wanted to get their bounce on.

Then we were about to take the kids to my parent's home when Josh realized that he had forgotten several things and we needed to return home. On an average day the trip home, to my parents, then to the hotel we would have had plenty of time; Murphy's law however took affect and it started raining and cars started to have accidents everywhere. Josh has been in a weird mood all day because of the marathon. The rain, accidents, and traffic was not helping him calm down at all. We were in the car from 3:00 till 6:00 and Josh was on edge when we finally arrived at the hotel. We decided to wait to check in till after the dinner. When we walked in they coaches, mentors, and support staff where lined up and cheered us in. It was a little overwhelming at first but I could see the tension in Josh's face just fade away. The banquet was very moving and inspirational.

I guess it is time to go to sleep because it is going to be another early morning and long day.

Good luck tomorrow Josh and everyone that is running the White Rock Marathon! It is going to be on WFAA channel 8 in Dallas starting at 8:00am! You might see Josh as the half marathon leaders run past the people who are still waiting to start the race around 9:00am. No I'm not kidding.